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Large Quantity of Hydro Mobile M2 Power Units and Bridges IN STOCK Now!!! Call us for information

Are you having trouble finding a Hydro Mobile for sale? From Hydro Mobile Scaffold parts to used Hydro Mobile Scaffold hoist systems, we have the Hydro Mobile scaffolding equipment you need to create a more productive and hazard-free work environment. To learn more about the benefits of Hydro Mobile’s scaffold platforms, please read below.

High on safety: Hydro Mobile is committed to designing and manufacturing products that contribute to creating hazard-free work environments. It is the policy of the company to offer quality products that contribute to increased worker safety, security and longevity.

Productivity: Safety systems are built into all Hydro Mobile platforms. This reduces the number of work related injuries and loss of man-hours. Taken together, these factors mean contractors can feel much more confident about their ability to meet deadlines.

Safety: Hydro Mobile’s platforms are so safe that workers don’t even need to be tied with a lifeline on the work area.

Ergonomy: Skilled replacements are becoming increasingly hard to find. Given the design characteristics of the platforms, materials can always be placed at a comfortable height for workers. This lessens the need for bending and lifting relatively heavy weights, which significantly reduces long term wear-and-tear.

“Safety and productivity are major concerns in the construction industry. A Hydro Mobile platform is set up once from the ground. From there, workers are safe all the way up. Furthermore, workers are positioned at a comfortable level, making it easier to lift materials, thereby reducing physical effort. Better ergonomy translates into increased productivity. And Hydro Mobile work platforms have greatly simplified my life regarding OSHA inspections.” — Patrick W. Murphy Sucato Builders, NY
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Now in Stock, Used Hydro Equipment!

We have a large amount of used Hydro Mobile M2 Power Units and Bridges in stock now! Call us for details!
Cross Box
Our Price: $22.00

Monorail Beam Attachment Assembly
Our Price: $110.00

Monorail Curved Beam, Set of 2
Our Price: $200.00

M2 Tower, Type 2
Our Price: $595.00


5' M2 Power Unit Mast Section Tower
Weather Protection Complete Kit, Upper
Our Price: $600.00

Our weather protection system is perfectly designed to accommodate both top and bottom platform requirements. Most importantly, it keeps workers comfortable in all kinds of weather. And it can even be used to protect against falling debris.

1-WP Bottom
1-10' Outrigger